Products I Love – 2017

Products I Love – 2017

Hi friends!

As the end of the year is just a few weeks away, I want to share the products that I have loved in 2017 (with prices and non-affiliated links)! All products have been purchased with my own money unless otherwise specified.*

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  • Oils
    • Agent Nateur: Holi (Oil) youth sérum $120/1 oz
      • I LOVE this oil/serum! I just finished my first bottle! I use it both day and night after cleansing and before my Fitglow Beauty Cloud Comfort Cream. This beautiful amber hued oil absorbs effortlessly without greasy residue. It seriously feels like silk on my skin. Redness and inflammation has reduced since incorporating this oil into my routine. I use this day and night. Since starting to use this oil, I’ve given ALL of my other oils to my sisters.
    • Lina Hanson: Global Face Serum $85/1 oz
      • I truly love this oil. I was unexpectedly upset while shaking the last drop out of the generously sized sample that lasted a few weeks. The entire experience of using this oil is beautiful from the scent to the texture to the way it absorbs. My skin loved it and I will be purchasing a full size bottle in the future! Truly a global serum as I imagine it works well with many skin types as it is calming, non-comedogenic (in my opinion) and not heavily scented.
    • Herbivore Botanicals: Lapis $72/1.7 oz & Orchid $64/1.7 oz 
      • Lapis was my first green beauty love and the first oil I have tried (I switched from alternating between no moisturizer and drug store moisturizers). This is my fiancé’s favorite face oil- he has been using it every day for moisture for the past year and  a half. I love to use it especially to help reduce inflammation when we travel to help keep my skin balanced. The scent is just as intoxicating as it was the first time I applied it. It has been in our lives for just about 2 years now and we still keep buying so it is a staple in our home! Also, such a good value as we buy about one bottle per year!
      • Orchid is such a beautiful oil as well. I like to use this in the morning as I find it a bit thinner than the lapis. It makes a great primer under makeup and has a lighter, orchid scent.
  • Cream
    • Fitglow Beauty: Cloud Comfort Cream $84/1.7 oz 
      • I LOVE THIS CREAM! This cream (in conjunction with the Agent Nateur Holi (Oil) Serum) has completely transformed my skin! The texture is incredibly rich and lush. It is soft, creamy and feels so comforting on the skin. The scent is very pleasant and dissipates after application once the cream absorbs. I purchased the Calm Skin to go kit from a fellow beauty blogger and fell in love from the first perfectly portioned pump! If you have reactive, sensitive skin with redness, inflammation, bumps or any uneven tone, the Calm line from Fitglow Beauty is for you. I also really like the Rescue Redness Cream but the Cloud Comfort Cream helps my skin more than anything else! I’m trying the Vita Active Cream soon- I’ll update with my thoughts!
  •  Balm
    • Lina Hanson: Global Treasures $105/1 oz
      • Really good balm! I like this for under my eyes, my whole face as a moisturizer and my neck/hands. This balm has the most beautiful scent- vanilla, orange, cocoa all beautifully balanced. It is creamy with powerhouse ingredients like green tea, pearl and 24k gold flecks that are so beneficial for the skin. It is more balmy/buttery and keeps its texture much more easily than the other balms mentioned below. I LOVE this balm!
    • Fitglow Beauty: Cloud Balm $79/4 oz
      • I have only been using this for about a week. In the Northeast USA where the temperatures have been a high of 30 degrees this past week and despite the layers of cream,  my skin started to flake and was red and itchy. As soon as I got this Cloud Balm, I washed my face and applied a thick layer. The next morning, I woke up and my skin was hydrated and happy with no flakes at all! Although the formula is similar to the Cloud Comfort Cream, I do not think this balm is as highly scented as the Cream. Loving so far!
    • Badger Balm: Damascus Rose Beauty Balm $16.99/1 oz
      • Such a good value for your money! This balm is multipurpose, a little bit more similar to a traditional balm than the Egyptian Magic. This Rose Beauty Balm can be used all over the face and body. I like to use it around my eyes, on my neck and hands. I imagine that I will be using it quite frequently this winter as my skin becomes more dry. It can smell the olive oil, but the rose is so beautiful (and I love olive oil)- so that’s not a problem for me. Makes a wonderful lip balm too! So buttery and beautiful!
    • Egyptian Magic $26/2 oz
      • I really like Egyptian Magic. It is lightweight but still nourishing and lush. I would compare it as a natural version of a vaseline-like cream that is clear and balmy that warms into the skin. I use it most nights around my eyes, on any inflammation and my lips! I like that it is non-comedogenic compared to other heavier balms. It has so many uses!
  •  Cleanser
    • Acure: Sensitive Facial Cleanser $9.99/4 oz
      • This is probably my favorite cleanser that I have found this year. It is a really great economical cleanser that easily mixes with others ( such as Stark Eclipse or exfoliants). Also works well as a gentle morning cleanse or second cleanse after an oil/balm. This cleanser smells like peonies and is such a rich, comforting gel that rinses off easily. Such a great value!
    • Acure: Facial Cleansing Créme $9.99/4 0z
      • I have only been using this about a month (alternating or mixing with the sensitive facial cleanser) and I really like it! I do not use it as much as the sensitive facial cleanser, but I will throw it in the mix a couple times a week. Really like for a second cleanse after sensitive facial cleanser. Minty, soft and creamy, removes makeup and grime!
    • Stark Skincare: Eclipse Activated Cleansing Gel $35/4 oz
      • Really effective cleansers, can be too much on my skin when it is especially reactive and dry, but works really well. Love to mix with Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser. Use this combo to cleanse or as mask in the shower.
    • De Mamiel: Restorative Cleansing Balm $64/1.8 oz
      • Really love this balm as a first or second cleanse or a mask or a balm-pretty much anything! I believe it helps to remove makeup nicely and is a beautiful reason to massage my skin. The scent is very complex and deep but instantly calming- I seriously have a whole body/mind reaction to it. This balm does not easily rinse completely off with just water, so you will need a warm, wet washcloth. This is a staple for me in the winter especially!
    • De Mamiel: Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate $64/2.47 oz
      • Really like for exfoliation, best mixed with oil! I only use this a couple times a month now as my skin’s moisture barrier is repairing. Great for those with needs for physical exfoliation.
  • Mask
    • Rhassoul Clay Mask a few times a month.
      • This is one of the only methods that works for me to deeply cleanse my pores. Only con is that is super messy and hard to remove sometimes. I like to mix the clay with toner or witch hazel as it is less likely to dry out my skin than using just water alone. I have also noticed that if you remove the mask before you let it dry, or spray to keep a mask moist while on your skin, it is better for your skin. I would also recommend that you remove this mask in the shower if you can. I have been using this one from amazon.


  • Foundations
    • Kjaer Weis: $68 with refillable compact, $40 refill Like Porcelain
      • My favorite foundation. Great as a concealer and build-able from light to almost full coverage. The most important tip that I learned about the application is that your skin must be exfoliated and moisturized (oil or cream work for me) before application. This foundation is very long lasting (especially when set with a little bit of powder if you are prone to excess oil). Love that this product is refillable! I already have a refill!
    • Gressa: Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation in 2 (winter) /2.5 (summer) $62
      • Definitely the most comfortable foundation that I’ve used. Feels like my skin but better- the serum is so nourishing and the suspended pigments give fair coverage that is build-able. Covers redness and evens out skin tone beautifully. You only need a few drops per application so this bottle lasts a really long time. I mix 1-2 drops into my face serum with sunscreen for a natural looking light coverage.
  • Blush
    • Kjaer Weis: $56 with refillable compact, $32 refill Abundance, Blossoming, Embrace
      • Creamy, highly pigmented and blends easily. This blush is so beautiful on the cheeks, lips and eyelids. A little bit goes a long way. Can be used with or without a makeup brush. I have Blossoming (rosy – similar to a natural flush) and Embrace (baby pink – subtle pop, works well with a bold lip or eyes) and Abundance is on my wish list (mauve / hint of plum with a bit of sparkle)! I have asked my fiance for “Lovely” for my birthday as that is what he calls me 🙂 <3.
    • Gressa: Lumière: Luminous Complexion Fluid in “Elise” $28
      • After shaking to reintegrate the pigment in the serum, 1/2 a pump of product is more than enough for the cheeks, lips and eye lids. Elise is a beautiful rosy pink that is emollient and spreads easily into the skin. I would consider this fluid as highly pigmented which is similar to their other amazing products! I really like to use this on my lips too!
  • Highlight
    • Gressa: Minimalist Illuminating Serum $45
      • This Illuminating serum has been the best natural highlight I have ever tried. I only need 1/2-1 drop (after shaking the bottle) to provide all of the “lit from within” glow that I could ever need! This formula is an opal/lavender highlight serum that is just so beautiful and comfortable on the skin. Using just a drop, it is glowy and natural but more can be applied for a dramatic look.
    • Kjaer Weis: Radiance Glow $56 with refillable contact, $32 refill
      • I really like this. It is subtle at first but can be built up pretty easily. This shade is a beautiful opal/lavendar/pink highlight- similar color to the Gressa but this is a cream and that is a serum so they have very different textures. Has good staying power.
  • Mascara
    • Fitglow Beauty: Good Lash + Mascara, $38
      • I LOVE this mascara. One coat is comparable to the best voluminous conventional I’ve tried. Two coats gives the illusion that I’m wearing falsies! First time I wore it out, I got so many compliments! I wanted to invest in a lash growth and strengthening serum, but I ended up getting this as it benefits my lashes while also giving beautiful color and definition. Gifted this to my sisters as their bridesmaids gifts. I have a feeling like they are going to really like it!
    • Kjaer Weis: Mascara $36 with refillable container, $28 refill
      • This is the only natural mascara that I have found that does not irritate my eyes. It removes pretty easily with water, cleanser or toner. This mascara is very comfortable and long lasting. It gives my lashes length, color and definition. I do not experience a lot of clumping from this mascara and I really like to build up the formula sometimes with 2+ coats for more volume.
  • Lips
    • Fitglow Beauty: Lip Colour Serums, $42
      • LOVE these lip serums! Vanilla scent that reminds me from our lip glosses as kids. This lip serum hydrates and plumps the lips. They contain vegan collagen and antioxidants to help diminish find lines and leave the lips full and soft. This formula is a tiny but sticky but I’ve gotten used to it and really love it! I have the color “Nudie” which is a beautiful creamy nude and “Ever” which is a creamy sheer plum. Nudie is definitely more opaque than Ever.
    • Badger Balm: Cocoa Butter Lip in “Cool Mint” $4.99/.25 oz
      • This is my favorite lip balm of all time- even better than the conventional mint lip balms that I used to buy from the pharmacy. It is rich and slippery and moisturizing but not tacky or sticky. Very balmy and minty (I love that sensation on my lips!).
    • Kjaer Weis: Lipstick in “Adore” and “KW RED” $56 with refillable compact, $36 refill
      • “Adore” is a deep, velvety opaque formula. I don’t know if mine was off but it was a little bit gritty. The color is really pretty and is definitely more matte than other lipsticks. This color is deeper with more purple/burgundy than the KW RED.
      • “KW RED” is a beautiful Hollywood red. It was inspired by the Kjaer Weis red box. This red is much more of a true red (almost cherry). I surprisingly prefer this color over Adore. LOVE this lipstick so much!
    • Fitglow Beauty: Lip Colour Creams, $42
      • I’ve tried “Buck” but found it to be too warm for my fair (more cool/neutral) skin. My future mother in law is so happy that it didn’t work on me as it is waiting for her on the tree! I ordered “LOVE” and it is a very beautiful bright red that seems pretty neutral- not too blue or orange in undertone. It is very creamy and comfortable to wear. I can easily apply right from the tube. I haven’t worn too many times yet so I am not sure about longevity or how it dries down. Love that this lip cream helps to repair the lips during wear.
    • H is for Love: Lip Glacé: Root & Berry $17/.17 oz
      • Beautiful tinted lip balm with a minty flavor and buttery, creamy texture. The color is a deep red but it applies pretty sheer with a tint. It feels really nice on the lips and is very comfortable to wear. Easy to keep in my bag and give my lips a little nourishment and color on the go!
    • Jane Iredale: Lip Liner in “Rose” $15
      • This lip liner is a really nice formula. The color is a bit brighter than my natural lip color. Works well with all lipsticks and lip glosses as it prevents bleeding and is really comfortable.


  • Moisture/Oil
    • Herbivore Botanicals: Jasmine Body Oil $26/2 oz
      • Honestly, I did not like this body oil at first. I liked the way that it smelled, but I didn’t think it absorbed well, and I didn’t think the spray bottle cap was appropriate with an oil product. I tried it again a few months later and liked it so much more. I noticed that I have to spread little amounts over the area that I would like to apply it and then rub in gently in a circular motion and pat it into the skin. It absorbed very nicely after applying this way and I loved it until the very last drop.
  • Balms
    • Badger Balm: After Sun Balm $9.99/2 oz
      • LOVE this balm. One of my favorite products that I’ve ever used. This balm is calm in a tin. My whole being is instantly calmed when using this product due to the scent and nourishing texture. I apply this to my hands, neck and décolleté most nights while I am in bed before falling asleep. The texture of this balm is almost perfect for me. It is buttery and soft but not overly greasy. It is ultra hydrating and I notice a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin when I don’t use it. I have used it for it’s intended purpose as an after sun balm and it was very cooling and relieves parched, sun-kissed skin!
    • Badger Balm: Sore Muscle Rub (Cooling Blend) $9.99/2 oz
      • LOVE this balm too! This helps my sore muscles so much. I also find this balm helps my headaches and tension immediately upon application.
    • In Fiore: Jasmine Supérieur $120/8 oz
      • I really do like this balm. It is thick and buttery and gorgeous! I apply a heavy layer to my body (focusing on my hands and chest). The scent really lingers so if you are sensitive, I would try a sample before you buy a large container. This balm lasts a really long time as the jar is very large. There aren’t often sales on this brand, so I would recommend purchasing when there are gifts with purchase (that’s what I did!). I much prefer the badger balms if you were to pick between the two.


  • Shampoo
    • Innersense Beauty: Pure Harmony Shampoo $26/10 oz
      • This has been my favorite natural Shampoo. I also like the hydrating collection but the Pure Harmony formula was best for my thick hair that needs harmony as it is sometimes oily, sometimes dry / brittle. This shampoo cleanses my hair thoroughly without leaving it greasy or too dry. I want to try the conditioner eventually, but I was able to use others or leave-in conditioner with it as I didn’t have the conditioner.
    • Avalon Organics: Lavender Shampoo & Peppermint Conditioner under $10, around $6 at Marshalls/TJ Maxx
      • I like the Peppermint Conditioner more than the Lavender shampoo, but this is what I picked up from Marshalls once I ran out of the Innersense Hydrating Shampoo. I do not like this as much as Innersense, but I hate to waste what I have. This brand is available in so many stores and it is much less expensive (Whole Foods, Marshalls, etc.).
  • Dry Shampoo
    • Stark Skincare: Sahara Dry Shampoo + Texturizer $25
      • This is the BEST dry shampoo! It has saved my hair on numerous occasions. Only a little bit of powder is needed and it works so well at absorbing oil while adding texture & volume! This is a huge bottle that lasts a super long time.
  • Leave-in Conditioner
    • Babo Botanicals: Swim & Sport Detangling Spray $14
      • I like to use this as a detangling spray as my hair is super long and thick. Using this product helps make brushing my hair much easier.


  • Aromatherapy
    • Blissoma: Stress Relief Serum $20/ .33oz
      • I have tried many balms, creams and serums for stress but this one is by far the most effective for me! The thin serum is fast absorbing and incredibly potent with easy, direct application through the rollerball. The scent is intoxicating! I love to rub some in my hands and inhale for immediate stress relief, apply directly to my forehead (and temples) for headache relief, under my nose for continuous aromatherapy and on my neck/back/shoulders to relieve tight muscles and tension. I bring this with me everywhere I go! This bottle is small but very little is used per each application so it will last a good while.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained or licensed esthetician nor a skincare specialist. All thoughts and expressions are based upon my own personal experiences and opinions. Unless otherwise stated, all products have been purchased with my own money. All pictures were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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